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Sappho Events

We create safe, sober and social events for LGBT+ women, trans and non-binary people across the UK.

Clubbing and bars can be fantastic ways to connect but they aren’t for everyone, and we think there should be lots of ways to meet, and make both platonic and romantic connections with other LGBT+ women, trans and non-binary people.

That’s why our events centre around common interests such as literature, film, crafts, history, wellbeing, advocacy, gaming, dating, outdoor activities, and lots of tea and coffee.

Get in touch Website: sapphoeventsuk @SapphoEvents


We operate in London.

Accessibility information

Please see event details for specifics as we use a variety of event spaces with varied accessibility.

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Wednesday 24 July

Thursday 25 July

Monday 19 August

Wednesday 4 September

Tuesday 10 September