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An originator and incubator of queer arts and entertainment in Dalston, VFD has hosted, promoted and nurtured emerging and superstar LGBTQI performers, acts and nights.


VFD has always been a safe space for all, in the light of neoconservatism and the need for intersectional unity we want to reiterate the beliefs and practice that we stand by.


VFD is a space to imagine, create and take action.

It is place to make transgressive imagery, a home to the outlaw rebel visionary and a space to discuss the critical alteration of the oppressive status quo.

We ask in the interests of liberation and for the enjoyment of all who find their way to vFd that you observe the following:

Respect yourself and everyone else.

Glorify all bodies for their individual beauty and power.

Celebrate each person’s self-determined gender.

Always establish positive consent … it’s hot!

Remember to frequently tell your friends you love them.

If at any point during your time at VFD you feel our code of conduct is not being observed then please tell one of the vFd staff so that they may rectify the problem immediately.

We understand that each of us is on a journey of constant transformation and that as a community we are here to love each other through the challenges of dismantling the oppressive imperialist white supremacist capitalist heteronormative patriarchy in order to live equally in shared freedom.

Lastly, we ask you to be patient with us at VFD. Change is the only constant in life. We will always take on new knowledge and strive to better serve the community.

Get in touch

Phone: 02071268462 Website: VFDalston


66 Stoke Newington Rd,
N16 7XB

Accessibility information

We regretfully apologise that VFD is in a basement venue accessed by a staircase and therefore is not wheelchair accessible.

The main space is accessed by a single staircase with 12 stairs that has a single bannister along the entire length. There are no steps or stairs once you are in the basement.

There are two toilets in the basement space, each are gender neutral and have no steps to them.

There is a smoking area downstairs that closes at 11pm, however if you have access needs, please tell staff and you are welcome to use the basement level smoking area throughout the night.

There are benches along the space if you need to sit down.

If there is anything we can do to facilitate your visit to vFd then please contact us on and we will do our very best to help in advance and on the night.

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Saturday 20 July

Saturday 27 July

Friday 9 August